Quotes About Tereza

“Both works were conducted with sensitivity by Hilt. Richard Valitutto’s prepared piano added the spooky atmospherics and the “Jacaranda String Ensemble” supporting sonics in the second piece. But it was the solo violins that emerged as the evening’s stars in both works. Tereza Stanislav and Alyssa Park lobbed stratospheric notes of uncanny beauty and perfect intonation to each other in the imitative passages of Tabula Rasa that, to bring off properly, required a laser-like concentration, which was just what each of the artists gave to her performance. With Shalini Vijayan in the earlier work, the three soloists in these relatively short pieces by Pärt seemed almost like luxury casting. In fact, all three violinists are regulars on the series. Park and Vijayan are in the Lyris Quartet, Jacaranda’s house ensemble, and Stanislav, a frequent guest soloist, is Assistant Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra at nearby UCLA”

-Rodney Punt, Huffington Post, 06/06/2014

“The concerto was commissioned for Tereza Stanislav, LACO’s assistant concertmaster, to honor her 10th anniversary with the orchestra. She gave a magisterial rendition, finding in Wallfisch’s darkish 25-minute score a vehicle to explore the violin’s expressive capabilities at high and low extremes. Stanislav conveyed the hushed intensity of the central slow movement, and then held the audience rapt during a substantial and mostly very quiet cadenza, which led into an energetic, percussive Finale. ”

-Rick Schultz, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 12, 2012

“There was nothing problematic about Stanislav’s performance, however. With her sweet tone, brilliant phrasing, uncannily pointed rhythm and pure intonation (even at the violin’s highest and lowest extremities) she delivered a convincing advocacy for the concerto. The LACO commission brought not only this intriguing new work to the concert stage, but also confirmed the aristocratically poised Stanislav as one of the finest exemplars in a highly competitive field of Southern California violin virtuosos.”

-Rodney Punt, Huffington Post and LAOpus, 11/30/2012

“Intricate, layered, and dense, the work sounded the most difficult of the three, but also the most masterfully accomplished. Stanislav shined as she gave a masterful, full-bodied, Technicolor performance that overflowed with vigor and flair.”

-Jesse Corti, Stage and Cinema, 11/30/2012

“Stanislav and Murray opened the evening with Piston’s neoclassical Sonatina for Violin and Harpsichord. Stanislav’s performance brought out myriad textures and mood changes, while Murray’s harpsichord had an agile and fluid character. In the final section, the cascading notes of the harpsichord juxtaposed with the legato line of the violin were compelling. Interspersed between the dances, two Purcell trios, Sonata No. 7 in E and Sonata No. 9 in F, were beautifully rendered by Stanislav, Norman Brick, Walz, and Murray. There was something magical about hearing Purcell’s glorious chamber music echoing throughout an industrial space devoid of baroque associations – the past and the present merging into perfect harmony.”

-Jane Rosenberg, International Review of Music 07/02/2012

“The concert began with three of the six movements from Mozart’s Divertimento in E-flat major. It is a late work, written the same year as his final three symphonies and the “Coronation” Piano Concerto; it blends the depth present in those mature pieces with the charm of his earlier divertimenti. Tereza Stanislav (violin), Victoria Miskolczy (viola), and Andrew Shulman (cello) gave it a committed, virtuosic reading. The first movement Allegro was both warm and energetic, the Adagio was tender, and the scampering finale proved to be a technical showcase. The trio gelled completely throughout, tossing melodic phrases back and forth with ease one moment and providing perfectly balanced support to each other the next. ”

-Dexter Haven, All is Yar 09/16/2016

“splendid virtuosity, fine musicianship, and remarkable power of communication.”

-Franco Gulli

“an outstanding violinist of unusual ability and musical understanding.”

-Rostislav Dubinsky

“She performs with expressive beauty and wonderful intensity”

-Robert Mann

“Bold in the big passages, she was all tenderness in the lyrical moments, captivating the audience with her sure technique and musical intelligence.”

“Stanislav is a remarkably fine violinist. Her tuning was spot-on and there was a sense of ease in her performance that was completely captivating.”

“The (Wieniawski) Polonaise as clean and full of character as I have ever heard it.”

“…eloquent, stylish performance by Stanislav.”

-Calgary Herald

“Stanislav has an intense lyricism in her playing and authoritative direction…”

-The Press, New Zealand

“The layers of rhythmic complexity and tight ensemble work, particularly between Ms. Stanislav and Kuo, were astounding.”

-The Beverly Hills Outlook

“I was impressed with Tereza Stanislav last September at the Banff International String Quartet Competition. She was a solid, mature chamber music violinist, and here on her own solo recording, she again shows professionalism and flair. I liked her dark, burnished tone, especially in the Brahms Sonata we heard. But she can change her sound for other works, like the Mozart Sonata included. Four stars.”

-Rick Philips, “Sound Advice”, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“…violinist Tereza Stanislav brought a balance to the playing that is the genius of the piece.”

-Santa Barbara Press

“There was exceptionally brilliant playing from violinist Tereza Stanislav in the first two movements of the Brahms Horn Trio in E-flat major…”

-News Press

“Dear violinist with the red hair: I like the way you play your violin. Your playing is more beautiful than anything I ever heard. When I heard your playing I felt it was so magical. It freed me from bad things in my mind. It feels so soothing. It feels like soaring through the night sky. And I would like to ask you a question, “How do you make your music so classical?” Your music is so exciting, and your music is like butterfly wings.”

-Katherine Thompson, Mr. Twelch’s 3rd grade class.

Tereza Stanislav, violin. Photo by Sam Muller.
Photo by Sam Muller.